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2023 Harvest

Finca San Rafael, Madriz

The Hoyes Family

Caturra ... 12.45/kg | 5.56/lb ... 155 bags

Catuai ... 12.45/kg | 5.56/lb ... 12 bags

Melado ... 14.10/kg | 6.40/lb ... 10 bags

Tipica ... 14.86/kg | 6.75/lb ... 13 bags

Maracaturra ... 14.86/kg | 6.75/lb ... 5 bags

Finca La Esperanza, Neuva Segovia

Mauricio Paguaga

Caturra ... 12.00/kg | 5.45/lb ... 199 bags

Bourbon ... 12.45/kg | 5.56/lb ... 49 bags


Steadfast Pricing for Harvest Availability

Unlike the unpredictable nature of spot market pricing, Aroma Nica maintains unwavering prices throughout the entirety of the 2023 harvest availability. This steadfast pricing strategy offers you a consistent rate, promoting transparency and stability in your coffee procurement process. As a forward-looking measure, our prices will be updated only with the advent of a new harvest season, sustaining a reliable cost structure for your convenience.

Tailored Ordering Quantities

We embrace diversity in our clientele, and our ordering structure reflects this philosophy. With no order minimums in place, you have the freedom to request coffee in quantities as modest as 5 pounds. For those seeking larger quantities, including orders encompassing 4 full bags or more, potential discounts are attainable based on the specific variety and volume. This approach ensures that your coffee sourcing meets your precise requirements, whether you're a small enterprise or a larger establishment.

Convenient Bag Storage Solutions

Aroma Nica extends its service beyond the transactional phase by offering complimentary bag storage. Should you lack the storage capacity or prefer to receive coffee in smaller instalments, we provide safekeeping for your purchased bags within our warehouse. This enables you to access your inventory at your convenience, adding a layer of flexibility to your supply chain management.

Versatile Delivery Options

We acknowledge the diversity of preferences when it comes to deliveries. Whether you have a preferred courier or delivery service, or if you require our assistance in arranging delivery, we are here to accommodate your choice. You also have the option to collect your coffee directly from us at our St. Thomas warehouse, affording you maximum flexibility and control over the delivery process.

Flexible Payment Plans

Recognizing that your business's financial dynamics may vary, we embrace flexibility in payment arrangements. Our goal is to empower your coffee procurement without imposing undue financial strain. Whether you're looking to order substantial quantities or commit to a specific amount without an upfront burden, our team is dedicated to crafting a fair agreement tailored to your circumstances. Your coffee investment is made accessible, ensuring a harmonious partnership.