• This coffee's journey began in 1922 when a thirteen year old boy, J. Reynaldo Fiallos Pinel, planted his first coffee trees in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua.

    Aroma Nica Inc. began in 1996, working in direct trade with our coffee farmers. We take pride in the allegiance that we’ve established and make it our top priority to reserve a seat for them at our table here in Canada; it is their coffee after all.

  • As we pay tribute to the loyalty and integrity in our family of coffee farmers in Diplito and Las Sabanas, Nicaragua, we hope that you can value our hand-picked dedication to excellence as you roast these green beans and that our small taste of home only leaves you wanting more.

  • We thank our farmers Jimmy Hoyes, Mauricio Paguaga, and the Fiallos family for their patience and perseverance throughout the constant price volatility in the ‘C’ market, especially during the unpredictability that the year 2020 has brought upon us proceeding forward.

    Their assiduity to perfectly cultivate each harvest with no exception nor flaw has allowed us to trust in our coffee when nothing else has provided reliability.

The Team

For a quarter of a century, spanning the entire journey since the inception of Aroma Nica, Maria has been at the helm of operations. She embarked on this odyssey alongside her father, working tirelessly to introduce their family-grown coffee from their family coffee farm to the Canadian market.

In 2021, a new chapter unfolded as Jacob became a part of the team. Assuming the roles of Creative Director and Head of Market Development, Jacob's arrival sparked a renewed mission to expand Aroma Nica's presence, ultimately fostering growth for our dedicated smallholder farmers.

Together we are dedicated to democratizing the experience of specialty Nicaraguan coffee. Our collective efforts are steadfastly aimed at ensuring that these coffees reach a diverse array of individuals. We ardently pursue equity throughout the supply chain, working towards prosperity for our incredible growers.