Newsletter #4: One Month Closer

March has already passed, and we are a month closer to the arrival of this year's harvest. At this point, there are many moving parts both at the farm and here in Ontario. Processing continues at the farm, and here we organize for connecting the coffee with a home in the market.

Writing this newsletter feels particularly rewarding when we hear from one of our growers, Jimmy, in Las Sabanas. He expresses his gratitude and tells us that he has been conveying our efforts to his workers on the farm. To those who work in the wet and dry beneficio, supervisors that work on the plantations, pickers, and farmhands. For producers to know about our efforts of telling their stories and honoring their work is necessary. At the heart of why these newsletters exist is to do exactly that.

Dispatching information about happenings in our corner of Nicaragua to you is an important component of helping our growers reach their goals. It is a small action that blooms into resiliency and prosperity. These are goals that lead to improved quality of life while at the same time strengthening sustainable production. Bringing to attention the efforts that go into production also expands the definition of what a daily coffee habit means to a consumer when they place their loyalty in our growers and roasters.

When we see women picking ripe coffee cherries amongst the vivid green landscape of the shade-covered coffee groves, or read about a problem-solving intervention that addresses a disruptive climate change consequence, it is hard not to think of the 80+ people who continue to work on this 2022 harvest when I have my daily coffee.

To know the coffee’s story is to feel like we are a part of that community in a way that guides our focus towards something bigger than ourselves. How many hands did it take for you to get your cup of coffee this morning? Across Castillo, Castillito, Las Sabanas, and El Ciapian, I know that my cup of coffee is the work and skill of roughly 80 people. Every single person is vital. Every keen eye, delicate hand, and sharp mind is how good coffee is recognized on a cupping table. It’s what builds long-lasting partnerships between growers, roasters, retailers, and consumers.

The decisions we make here in Canada that strive towards the growth of our coffee family are to fulfill goals that help to sweeten the quality of life for our growers. Having a fair price for coffee results in significant and enduring changes that are integral to ensuring coffee’s future.


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