Newsletter #8: Excitement is Brewing

We feel it is important to consistently share and recount coffee's journey from farm to cup. The process is a lengthy and challenging one, requiring a tremendous amount of dedication and expertise. We are in constant awe of our growers in those Nicaraguan mountains.

Think of walking into a forest where coffee is grown under the shelter of the tree cover. Only the fully ripe fruit is selectively handpicked during harvest time, while the rest is monitored and tended to in the upcoming days and weeks. Daily visits to the forest involve the cherry collection, then bagging, quantifying, floating, milling, drying, and sorting. Each of these stages involves several variables that can change the outcome around the cupping table. This is why we consider coffee cultivation an art form in its own right. Every step from cultivation to harvest is an exhibition of skill and intuition.

Getting to know these coffee growers throughout the years has made every single bean a precious and prideful delicacy.

Every year our growers bring us something new to discover in these varietals, and the attention to detail is clearly on display in these coffees when you have the opportunity to taste them.

We are fast approaching the 2023 harvest from Nicaragua and want as many interested people to receive arrival samples in June/July.

If you join our waitlist and provide us with your shipping address, we will have your sample box out quickly.

We are excited to share the details of the 2023 harvest with you. While we typically offer a Natural Process from our grower in Las Sabanas, this year he is unable to produce Natural due to space issues. We cherish the Natural Prep that Jimmy Hoyes produces and look forward to returning it for the 2024 harvest.

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