Newsletter #5: Farewell to the 2022 Harvest

Harvest has ended in Nicaragua, and a celebratory farewell to the 2021/2022 harvest took place in June.

Usually, our charity, Los Frutos del Cafe, has been able to conduct charity work with a bit more ease. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for Los Frutos to contribute the way that we used to—especially with our trip to origin being canceled in 2020. However, this year Los Frutos was able to assemble and distribute some basic food baskets as a part of the farewell to harvest celebrations in El Castillo and Las Sabanas sponsored by Los Frutos del Cafe. 59 families joined in the celebrations and received a basket that included 12 food and household items that are needed in the community.

Everybody in the coffee community has a role worth celebrating. Having the involvement of men, women, children, and grandparents alike. Sometimes an entire family might participate in the collection and preparation of the harvest. Typically with the women picking and sorting and the men in wet and dry processing. Everyone has contributed in their own way to helping the coffee get to market. We wanted to make sure that they know their hard work and skill do not go unnoticed and uncelebrated.

It was a beautiful day. Nestled in a little piece of heaven in the mountains of Tepesomoto-Patataste, everyone shared a meal prepared by the Hoyes family.

While there will always be challenges with every harvest, there will also always be joy, gratitude, happiness, optimism, and excitement for the future.

As this harvest is celebrated, everyone’s minds turn to think of the next. New ideas are brought forward, and hope for the next harvest is infused with excitement that only seems to grow and grow as each year passes.

We always want to do more for our coffee-growing community and families in Nicaragua. We are bursting with excitement to finally return to those glorious mountains in early 2023. 

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